Temperature Humidity Acquisition and Transmission Module

Temperature Humidity Acquisition and Transmission Module

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DATA/VCC/GND/RXD (RS85-A)/TXD (RS485-B) five interface, simple and reliable, easy to expand;

Selectable RS232/RS485/TTL signal transmission

The data transmission based on MODBUS industrial control protocol, reliable performance, good compatibility, easy for network;

Support simple character instruction, suitable for single module used in simple applications

Small size, easy to install

Aimed at agricultural applications for example moistureproof processing, can be used for humid environment, such as greenhouses


UART parameter:

Baud rate: 1200 / 4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400 / 57600

Data bit: 8, unconfigurable

Parity bit: no/odd/even

Stop bit: 1/2

Take effect after configuration, power off and power on again



Measuring temperature: - 40~+80?, Resolution: 0.1 ?, Accuracy of +/- 0.2 ?

Measurement humidity: 0%~100% (RH) relative humidity, Resolution: 0.1% RH, Accuracy: +/- 2% RH in the environment of temperature 25 ?;

Working temperature: -20~+80 ?;

Working humidity range: 0%~100% relative humidity (RH)

Input: DC5V

Data format: serial MODBUS protocol, simple ASCII character instruction: “READ”, “AUTO”, “STOP”

Module IP is configurable, range from 1~247

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