Serial to Mobile Network

GSM modem for sending messages / Serial to Mobile Cellular converter for data transmission

Part number Interface Features
EOT-GPRS232-710 RS232/RS485 Embedded TCP/IP protocol
EOT-G301c USB and UART wireless terminal device
EOT-LTE-7S4 UART serial port and network server
EOT-G402tf-LCC LCC hardware 4G wireless module
EOT-G402tf-mPCIe mPCIe hardware 4G wireless module
EOT-GPRS232-730 RS232/RS485 RS232/RS485 to gprs dtu
EOT-G800-42 Mini PCI-E 52PIN 4G wireless router
EOT-G806 Mini PCI-E 52PIN 4G wireless router
EOT-G760c RS232/RS485 wireless terminal device
EOT-GPRS232-734 RS485 RS485 to gprs modem
EOT-G761w RS232/RS485 transparent transmission
EOT-GPRS232-7S3 TTL highly-integrated serial gprs module
EOT-GM3 TTL highly-integrated UART to GSM/GPRS module
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