4G Module,LCC Hardware Interface

4G Module,LCC Hardware Interface

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4G Module Introduction

EOT-G402tf-LCC is a 4G wireless module with LCC hardware interface. The module can provide users with high speed wireless data and internet access services. And The module has voice function, SMS function, data transmission function and phone book function. Moreover, the module can work on devices of Windows, Linux and Android.

4G Module Feature

  • Support 2G,3G and 4G network
  • LCC hardware interface
  • Support AT command set
  • Support voice function
  • Support SMS function
  • Support data transmission function
  • Support function of phone book
  • Support USB communication
  • Can work on devices of Windows,Linux and Android

4G Module Parameter

Name EOT-G402tf-LCC 2G,3G and 4G network
LCC 80PIN module
Specification TD-LTE 3GPP R9 CAT4: download rate of 150 Mbps; Upload rate of 50 Mbps
FDD-LTE 3GPP R9 CAT4: download rate of 150 Mbps; Upload rate of 50 Mbps
WCDMA HSPA+: download rate of 21 Mbps; upload rate of 5.76 Mbps
TD-SCDMA 3GPP R9: download rate of 2.8 Mbps; upload rate of 2.2 Mbps
GSM Download rate of 384 kbps; upload rate of 128 kbps
Frequency Band TD-LTE Band 38/39/40/41
FDD-LTE Band 1/3
WCDMA Band 1/8
TD-SCDMA Band 34/39
Power Level TD-LTE
Band 38/39/40/41
+23dBm (Power class 3)
FDD-LTE Band 1/3 +23dBm (Power class 3)
WCDMA Band 1/8 +23dBm (Power class 3)
TD-SCDMA Band 34/39 +24dBm (Power class 2)
GSM Band 8 +33dBm (Power class 4)
GSM Band 3 +30dBm (Power class 1)
Software Function Data Service PPPD/RNDIS/ECM dialing
Voice Call Hard PCM voice
Phone Book SIM/USIM card phone book
USSD Supported
TCP/IP Protocol IPv4, IPv6 ,IPv4/IPv6 double stack
OS Windows/linux/Android
Hardware Interface Connector Type LCC 80PIN
Power 3.2V~4.2V, 3.8V is recommended
LED Status light
SIM/USIM Card Standard 6 pin SIM card, 3V/1.8V SIM card
USB Protocol USB 2.0 High speed
Memory(DDR RAM/NAND) 256MByte/512MByte
Size(mm) 30mm×30mm×3.5mm
Weight About 11g
Temperature Working Temp -20°C~ +70°C
Storage Temp -40°C~ +85°C
Humidity Working Humidity 5%~95%

4G Module Image

4G Module

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