About Embeddedoutlet.com

Embeddedoutlet.com, based in Los Angeles, CA,USA, specializes in storage servers, embedded electronics & accessories with a focus on Internet of things (IOT) devices for industial control, home automation and sensor based cloud monitoring and contol. We also offer customised solutions and applications for your projects. Our ultra compact & powerful 4-bay and 8-bay storage servers provide an excellent value, be it to power your media center or run multiple VMs in a cloud infrastructure. We sell new and high quality embedded systems, components, peripherals,tools and apps at competitive prices to system integrators, installers, labs & research organizations, hobbyists and the tech-savvy consumers-- you know who you are!

Embeddedoutlet.com (whose parents have more than 10 years of online sales operation) ships many of individual orders each business day.

All products visible on our site are in stock, ready to ship, and usually include a warranty. This means that "what you see is what we've got" for sale at any given moment; products become invisible and/or marked as "Out of Stock" as they sell out, but you can always sign up to be notified by email automatically as soon as a product becomes available again.

Our Mission Statement : Embeddedoutlet.com is committed to offering reliable and quality products to take the Internet to the next level.

We are backed by our own deign and OEM manufacturing teams. This lets us refresh our products with new ideas to stay ahead.  In addition we also do purchase some of the offerings directly from manufacturers in HUGE quantities. This allows us to offer products to you at truly remarkable prices. We also do custom sourcing from, so send us a request for Quote and we will do our best.

We always welcome feedback from visitors -- the best way for us to meet your needs is to know specifically what you want, so please, drop us a line.

For more information, email us at - support@embeddedoutlet.com