RS232  RS485 to WIFI 802.11 BGN and Ethernet converter

RS232 RS485 to WIFI 802.11 BGN and Ethernet converter

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Short user guide:

User manual:

Core module manual:

Testing software:


Support RS232/RS485 to WIFI, RS232/RS485 to Ethernet and WIFI to Ethernet transparent transmisstion

Power: 5-18V input

Support AP+STA work mode


Support hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) RS232 interface, male mouth(needle) consistent with computer pin definition

DC5~18V wide voltage input, can provide 2A current MP1482DS DCDC power supply chip, keep system reliability.

RS232 RS485 automatic switching

RJ45 network connection, support wired Ethernet transmission

Reload button, do not worry incorrect settings(in working status, press the button 1s then it load to default settings and automatic restart)

Rich status indicator light: Power Ready Link RXD TXD

Pin 9 of the DB9 can be connected to power input (solder jumper on the back of PCB), used for power the sensor or the serial port cable power module.

Reload button, to restore factory defaults easily

 Searching tool:

With this software, it will be easier to search module and send AT command


When EOT-WIFI232-610 in AP+STA mode:

WiFi+Wired application:

One as AP, one as STA:

More Pictures:

 Packing List:

EOT-WIFI232-610 with antenna * 1

5V/1A  AC to DC power adaptor * 1

Female to Female across cable (2-3,7-8,5-5) * 1


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