Serial to WiFi

Wi-Fi to RS232 converter modules

A easy way to Link your RS232 Equipment to Wi-Fi, use your Iphone mobile or notebook to control your Serial port products.

Part number Interface Features
EOT-WIFI232-D2 TTL Pin type, I-pex antenna
EOT-WIFI232-610 TTL SMT type, choose antenna
EOT-WIFI232-604 RS232 Low-cost solution device
EOT-C322 2*UART CC3200 WIFI Module
EOT-WIFI232-A2 UART Pin Type WIFI Module with On-board Antenna
EOT-C210 UART Small Size WIFI Module
EOT-WIFI232-200 RS232 WIFI Serial Server
EOT-Wifi232-602V2 RS232 WIFI Serial Server
EOT-WIFI232-630 RS232/RS485 WIFI Serial Server with Two RJ45
EOT-WIFI232-B2 UART Pin Type WIFI Module with External Antenna
EOT-C215 UART Ultra-low power WIFI Module
EOT-Wifi232-603V2 RS232 terminal WIFI Serial Server
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