Serial RS232 / RS485 to WCDMA, 3G WCDMA Modem

Serial RS232 / RS485 to WCDMA, 3G WCDMA Modem

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EOT-G761 is a DTU can used in 3G WCDMA network, it can worked in WCDMA/GSM, support HSDPA(7.2Mbps) high speed downlink transmission, and HSUPA(5.6Mbps) high speed uplink. The leistungskern of G761W is “transparent transmission”, user can integrate it into their system easily to realise data transfer based on WCDMA network.


Support quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and triple band WCDMA/HSPA.

Support 2 network connections online simultaneously, support TCP and UDP.

Support send network registration packet.

Support heartbeat packet to serial or network.

Support set the parameter remotely by SMS

Support multiple working mode: SMS transparent transmission, network transparent transmission, HTTPD mode.

Support send Chinese/Enlish SMS by AT command.

Support RFC2217 function, the parameters of interface can be revised.

Support RS232/RS485(can not work at the same time).


Working Mode

1. Network transparent transmission mode

In this mode, User’s device can send data to specified server by WCDMA network. G761 support 2 socket link, that is Socket A and Socket B, two links is mutual independence.

2. HTTPD Client Mode

In this mode, the data will sent to HTTP server directly, or obtain data from HTTP server. The data will sent to Web server(apache, IIS, tomcat, etc) in Http(GET/POST) mode as long as sending data in formal format. User can utilize the scripting language like PHP, ASP as database storage.

3. SMS transparent transmission mode

In this mode, user’s device can send SMS to specified phone, or transmit the SMS from phone to device. The transparent transmission between device and phone can realised by parameter setting.

4. AT command

When G761W working in any kind of mode(Network transparent transmission, SMS transparent transmission, AT command), user can send specified data, then let WCDMA switch into AT command mode.

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